Jagdalpur is a beautiful city located on the Banks of Indravati River in Bastar District of Chhattisgarh State in India. Jagdalpur is the headquarter of Bastar District. Jagdalpur is known for tourism places, wooden crafts, bell metal, silk cloths, festivals, tribes etc. The following map shows the location of Jagdalpur in India.



HOW TO REACH: It takes one night to reach Jagdalpur from Raipur. Only means of transport are Buses (no Railways) so i would suggest you travel at night. Buses are comfortable and you will not feel much tired. Also one can reach by train from Vishakhaptanam.

CITY OF SQUARES: As told Jagdalpur is said to be having about 204 squares across the city within span of about 8.75 sq km which is the area of city and thus is known as City of Squares (Chourahaon ka Nagar) . Jagdalpur population is about 2,50,000 where people from across the country have settled here and has a mixed population.

NICE WEATHER: If you ever met person lived in Jagdalpur he will surely tell you that Jagdalpur has very nice weather not much heat and not much cold but surely is having lot of rains. It Rains in Summers, Winters nullifying the effect of heat and cold. People here thus find it difficult to stay at other parts of country as other places have extreme temperatures. Jagdalpur has very nice climate.

CULTURAL FACTS: Jagdalpur has been mentioned in Ramayana and Dandkarnya through which Lord Ram is said to have passed. Rishi Valmiki's Ashram is also said to be here. Bastar Dusherra is famous not only in India but in the world. Jagdalpur witnesses all the rituals of this festival.

JAGDALPUR FAMOUS STUFF: Jagdalpur is famous for the following things:-
3. Bell-Metal Stuff.
4. Kaju.
So get ready to buy these things, they would be expensive in Market but to have cheap wooden handicraft i would suggest you to go Nagarnar Village as this is the place where handicrafts are made and are really cheap. so Enjoy Shopping!!!

JAGDALPUR ATTRACTIONS: In the city there are few places one can go for a visit:

1. Saheed Park: Nice Park to go in evening and have some chaat. Well Maintained but only good for sitting enjoying beauty of flowers.

2. Dalpat Sagar Island: Nice place to spend evening, its an island developed by tourism. board on Dalpat Sagar lake. People come enjoy and spend time overhere. Do read my post on Dalpat Sagar for further information.

3. Temples: There are many famous temples one can visit:
a. Danteshwari Mandir: well known temple.
b. Balaji Temple: must visit.
c. Jain Mandir near Akansha Hotel.

4. Anthropological Museum: located in Dharampura, Jagdalpur. Proving information about Tribal Cultures and Traditions.

JAGDALPUR TOURISM HUB: This title i have given as Jagdalpur acts as a central point for many attractive tourist destinations as:

9.  Kailash Gufa.

I have posted information on these places on my previous post. These are some well known and less known places. But i am sure these are the places worth to see and must see before u die and Chhattisgarh Tourism is putting effort to develop these places. August will be the best time to visit these places.

Jagdalpur is surely a must visit city and provides all the necessary facilities along with fabulous tourist locations. As i said Jagdalpur is a complete mix of all the stuffs in a perfectly balanced way as one will get what one wants. This was the post on Jagdalpur a effort to provide relevant information on the city. Surely i would be glad to have a feedback from you and do mention the points i have missed about Jagdalpur. Keep reading my blog!!!!

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